Imagensys researches and develops devices for nuclear medicine and surgery that deliver technological innovation to diagnosis, follow-up and radio-guided surgery in cancer patients.

It was founded in 2017 through an encounter between Dr. Alessandro Soluri’s team at CNR and Torrent Spa, a holding whose missions include the development and promotion of technology transfer and innovative start-ups. Imagensys saw an important opportunity for the prevention and treatment of cancers in the technologies developed by CNR, and hence a chance to establish itself in a continuous evolving market.
To develop its technologies, Imagensys works with leading medical institutes such as the SDN Foundation for Research and Higher Education in Naples, led by Prof. Marco Salvatore.

The application of imaging technology to diagnostics and surgery is a major development which offers considerable opportunities for further growth.
The instruments developed by Imagensys enable radio-guided surgery and diagnostic scintigraphy to take a step forward in terms of speed, accuracy and efficiency.
In our opinion, this means supporting the difficult work of medical staff by simplifying and speeding up as much as possible the procedures related to the use of user-friendly instruments.

Our Mission

To help medicine respond to its challenges as effectively as possible by providing instruments that help in the tough everyday fight against cancer.

Our Vision

Greater accuracy, greater speed, greater assurance, greater specificity: these are the objectives that guide us every day and have inspired our researchers from the beginnings.

A long history of research and dedication

The extraordinary and unique performance of the devices currently produced by Imagensys are the result of a slow-maturing development.
Technology, commitment and more than 20 years’ experience in the imaging sector have been rewarded with the achievementss of a dedication whose predominant element is a passion for research and innovation.
Diagnostic imaging plays a major role in people’s lives: high information content images can even save someone’s life.
The will to keep on fighting disease lies in this very awareness of the importance that technology can have in people’s lives: this is the motivation that gives the research group ever greater strength to push forward toward ever more useful, innovative solutions.
Dr. Alessandro Soluri’s team at CNR has taken up the challenge of delivering a significant innovation in imaging technologies. This double-sided innovation has led to both the miniaturisation of a gamma camera, now ready for the market and for medical applications, and the improved performance of radio-guided surgical instruments, such as the three-detector D3 Gamma Probe.
The new challenges have just begun, other technologies are on the horizon and the road to the future is already mapped out. For the Imagensys team, passion means research; it means giving value to people and their suffering.