The validation project

The SDN team, coordinated by Prof. Marco Salvatore, and a prestigious Institute of Oncology, develop and coordinate the validation project and clinical trials alongside Imagensys’ scientific committee.
SDN and the Institute of Oncology are also responsible for managing the comparative studies against traditional solutions.

Technological innovation is key to the development of nuclear medicine. Team work is essential to pursue and reach its goals.

Prof. Marco SalvatoreSDN Foundation for Research and Higher Education in Nuclear Diagnostics

Clinical research – objectives

The main objective of our clinical research is to certify the correct functioning of the Pocket GammaCAM, by certifying its quality, its technical standards and its strong points.

Subjects, method, instruments

The executive phase of the clinical trials will be conducted from Jenuary to April 2019, and will involve over 50 subjects.


The conclusions will be published from May 2019.


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